Are You Ready To Discover Beta Boulders?


How you can start climbing

We offer an Intro to Bouldering session. One of our team will show you the techniques all climbers should know to give you the best start possible. After the session, you will feel happy to play and use the facility in a safe, enjoyable way.  


Why Climbing

+What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a climbing discipline that involves short, fun routes designed to challenge you mentally and physically.

+ Do I need to be strong?

Bouldering is for anyone, regardless of shape, gender or age. If you can move, bouldering can be your new favourite exercise.

+ Are you just a climbing gym?

NO! We have a cosy cafe area, workspace and yoga studio. Plus, fitness training facilities and event space.

+ Do I need to be experienced?

Anyone can turn up, fill out a registration form and watch a safety video. If you are unsure how to get going, you can book an Intro to Bouldering session.

+ Is it safe?

Like any sport, there is a level of risk, but we have a few rules to keep you safe. If you are still not sure; we run an Intro to Bouldering session.

+ What should I wear?

Tracksuit bottoms, shorts or leggings with a t-shirt will do the trick. You can rent climbing shoes if you haven’t got a pair yet. We don't allow non-climbing shoes on the walls.

+ Should I eat before bouldering?

Being fueled is important for any sport. We have a café on site with tasty snacks for before, during or after your session.

+ Can I come by myself?

Of course. You don't need anyone else but yourself to climb, but you can always meet new people while you are here.

Why Beta

+ What makes Beta Boulders different?

We are the first co-working/climbing/yoga/cafe facility in Europe. We wanted to build something unique for everyone to enjoy. Don't take our word for it. Come and explore!

+ Do I need to buy a membership?

No, we offer a range of packages that fits any budget and schedule. You can pay per session or sign up to a membership when you are ready.

+ Do I need to book online?

We recommend to book the intro sessions online. There are a limited number of spaces in each session so it is best to book to avoid disappointment.

+ Can I bring my friends / family?

You should! If your are coming regularly as a big group, take a look at the Bring Your Tribe offer.

+ Do you have changing rooms?

Yes, plus a cafe/bar to relax in after you session.

+ Do you have showers?

Yes, you just have to bring your washkit and towel.

+ Do I need to bring a padlock?

You can bring one from home or buy one from us. We would also recommend that you do not bring anything too valuable with you.

+ Is it just in Copenhagen?

For now yes, but we will announce more cities across Europe, soon.


  1. Choose the class, book and pay online


Check out the calendar to find the day and time that suits you best and book your place. Please note that all sales are final. Class can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance, but cannot be cancelled or refunded.



2. What you Need

  • Wear comfortable clothes

  • Let us know at the reception whether you booked online or not

  • Come alone or invite your friends along

3. On the Day

  • Arrive 20 minutes early

  • If you don’t want to attend the Intro to Bouldering, you can rent climbing shoes and yoga mats for 30 kr each

  • Stay for a drink and food!

Main Climbing Hall.jpg


  • Arch / roof section

  • Freestanding block

  • Slab, vertical and overhanging walls

  • Top out wall


  • Up to 4.75m (don’t worry we won’t set so high!)

  • 35 degree wall

  • Slab, vertical and overhanging walls

  • Not just for competitions

Training room climbing.jpg


  • 4m high campus board (10+ rungs)

  • 25 and 40 degrees Moonboards (with LED bluetooth system)

  • Endurance Circuit board

  • Training / OCR bars

  • Hang-boards and weight for finger-training

What’s next?


 Once you have been introduced to bouldering you might never want to stop, but to keep things interesting we have regular events both on and off the wall, private and group sessions with experienced coaches and complementary classes such as yoga.

Naturally, we all reach plateaus. Booking a session with a coach is a great way to move you on to the next grade or beyond.

Coming soon!